About Me - Accueillir le Maître en Soi

About Me

Welcome to my space, I’m Manon

One day came the idea of creating a place where I would share my passion. That’s what’s been driving me for many years. In fact, I could say since birth, because I know that I came to Earth in this life for that. Allow the reunion of my Soul (the Master in me) and the human that I am. Realization.

But what I’ve learned along the way is that we have to sort of break up into a thousand pieces, burst a carapace, a belief system that has been there for so many lives. The identity collapses and it hurts. In fact, it brings us to live extremes. Great moments of grace and pure love, but also grief, detachments, painful realizations about ourselves and the patterns we have created. Awakening is rude.


About Maridanie

As you can see, my website is called maridanie.com. Who is Maridanie? Well, it’s me! Not that I have given myself a new name, my name is Manon. But my full name is Marie Danielle Manon.

At some point in my life, I had to disassociate myself a little from the human that I am who bears the name Manon since birth, with all its pains and fears. I felt that another me was slowly surfacing, a me filled with wisdom and compassion for everything. This part of me, I could not identify at that time as being Manon, it was more than Manon the human, it was a force, a peace, a deep love that emerged. I chose to give it a name, I named it Maridanie.

Maridanie is somehow the Master in me.


My inspirations

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted inner peace. It was my only focus. To me it made no sense that the purpose of life is to find an identity, working most of the time, create a little bit of happiness and sail as best as possible through the dramas of life. I have always found the idea completely absurd. I knew there was something else, I always knew it.

In my late adolescence, I discovered the author Richard Bach. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions and One are three books that have completely transformed my way of seeing life. In fact, I felt like relearning something I already knew.

Subsequently, in the early days of my adult life, The power of now from Eckhart Tolle came to me. This book made me rediscover not only the present moment, but the Presence. It was liberating! From my first reading, I knew that I was finally entering into a system of thoughts, a way of perceiving life that was mine.

I read and listened to Dr. Wayne Dyer with his beautiful and great wisdom. It opened me to the power that we hold in ourselves without knowing it, as well as peace and abandonment.

I had the pleasure of discovering Mooji, a Master here on Earth who shows us the way to Self so sweet, joyous and filled with love.

I discovered quantum physics with What the Bleep do we know? a film that brings a new understanding of our creative power and all life that is not seen.

I read and listened with great interest Dr. Joe Dispenza talk about the functioning of our brain and the ability beyond doubt that we all create our lives every second.

I listened to lectures by Gregg Braden who tells us about his last 30 years traveling and discovering the ancestral traditions and the power of the creative energy of the heart.

Finally, I went through the book A Course in Miracles. In fact, this « Bible » will certainly be part of my bedside books for the rest of my days here. It is a path to change of consciousness. To forgiveness, love and return to who we really are. A precious tool for those who are ready to live differently.

In early 2000, a text of a certain Tobias appeared in my life. I immediately knew he was talking to me. It was at that moment that I realized what I was really doing here. It was like finding my family, my home. I followed the teachings, listened to the stories and felt the deep love that Tobias, Kuthumi Lal Singh and Adamus Saint-Germain have for us all. The Crimson Circle is a place dedicated to people who have a great desire to enable the realization of the Divine and the human on Earth.

I would like to conclude by saying that I am Shaumbra. Or, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that this is one of my aspects. Do not worry, it’s not a rocket science, and in no way is it a sect or a religion. Quite the contrary. We are thousands of Shaumbra in every corner of the planet right now. We have a long history together and we have chosen to live the Realization in this life. The meeting of the Master that we are and the human that we embody. We have in us the desire to see bigger, to see the invisible, to see otherwise.

Here is part of the explanation that can be found on the website:

« Crimson Circle is a connecting point for humans who are allowing their enlightenment in this lifetime. The material you’ll find here supports the journey from spiritual awakening to embodied mastery. We honor all people and their chosen belief systems, and do not subscribe to limitations involving the human condition.

We’re all about consciousness. It begins with the simple, personal realization of “I Exist” and then expands into multi-dimensional creation and experience. Some would say we’re New Age or spiritual, but not really. We’re definitely not a religion or church; we don’t have any rules, memberships or dues. We’re just about consciousness.

The material presented here is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations. »



Here, I am transparent in front of you, because my passion is to transmit what I integrated and to share my deep love for every human being on Earth, whatever his choices. And to do this, I want to be authentic and true at all times. My secret dream is a world of love and peace where every being is free to live the joy and the realization of what it is at every moment!